The Jew in the Ashram

In this one-woman play, a young Jewish woman travels to an ashram in India seeking spiritual enlightenment through yoga and ends up reconnecting to her own cultural roots.

The Show

The Jew in the Ashram is a poignant, funny and lightly interactive solo play about spiritual healing and identity. At select moments, the audience is invited to move, chant, and reflect on their own spiritual journeys and identities—the ones we inherit and the ones we make for ourselves.

The Workshops

Yoga and Prayer. Interactive Storytelling. Yoga and Jewish values.

The Jew in the Asham is devastating, hilarious, comfortably interactive and piercingly real. Amanda’s story is all of ours in its relatability and also unique to her own journey. Jew or not, adult or teen, all will enjoy this piece is as both a stand-alone work of art and an educational experience, setting the stage for further exploration. – Sarah Sokolic, Executive Director, Lab/Shul

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