The Workshop

Interactive Storytelling

Through writing prompts, improvisation, and group workshop, participants will create a short interactive solo performance about an experience that caused them to reflect on their Jewish identity, exploring ways of incorporating the audience into the world they are portraying onstage.

Exploring Prayer and Torah Through Yoga

What happens when you combine a yoga sequence with a Jewish prayer sequence? Participants will explore fusing T’filah with yoga postures, breathwork, meditation and music. Students will also explore values, themes, and moral questions present in Torah by embodying key moments of the Parsha of the week through yoga-inspired movements and partner yoga.

Yoga and Jewish Values(ages 3-9)

Complete with yoga cards and posters, essential oils, songs and singing bowls, participants will explore Jewish values such as Ometz Lev (Courage), Hoda’ah (Gratitude), and Shomrei Adamah (Protecting our earth) through yoga and meditation practices.

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